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Future Christmas Cookies!

Was looking through a blog featuring Ghosts of Colonial Williamsburg, when I came across this awesome temptation. Granted, it's not Halloween themed, but I could definitely see this treat being something for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now, granted I'll have to change it up just a little bit because of my restrictions to wheat, but gluten free cookies are just as tasty. :D

Autumn Knitting

Hey folks! Iv'e been doing some thinking. Now that its finally "Sweater Weather", I am compelled to finally break out the knitting patterns and get to work on projects that I have been meaning to work on, but ending up putting aside for months (Which is quite a lot, lol). But not this time. Even if that means I do a knit-a-thon so I can finish up the several projects, then let the games begin! : ) First, the Top priorities: As I've mentioned sometime ago, I am selling my steampunk jewelry at a convention next month called "Chessie Con". While working on ideas of what else I could make for the Merchant's Room, I decided that knitting wrist warmers would be a great addition to anyone's steampunk ensemble, plus it'll perfect to keep hands warms since it'll be cold in November. I picked out specific colors that would work for this particular fashion, and made up a generic pattern that involves cable knits, garters, and stockinette. Give