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Summer Sage Edwardian Ensemble

As many of us are collectively hunkered down at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic and with most historical events being cancelled, believe it or not there's been a lot of contingency plans and new hobbies  brewing for 2021. Several people I know, including myself, have spent this time researching topics, making new outfits, and honing on our new discovered skills (baking bread, sewing, gardening, Yoga, Youtube channels, etc). 2021, we're coming for you!  On another note, Edwardian fashion has been a popular trend among some historical costumers this Summer. I don't blame them! The natural form silhouette is much appreciated during these hot summer months and the light and airy fabric choices work just as well...also, being able to play around with so much lace and floofiness! Who couldn't resist!?    This is my first fitting of the full gown. Please ignore the wrinkles.  The skirt pattern is from Simplicity 1558; I elongated both the front and back pieces and ad