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Colonial Photoshoot today

I needed to get some pictures together for a set of business cards I am working on for reenactments, so today my friend Luis and I went to the Adelphi Mill in Adelphi, MD (the only surviving mill in Washington DC dating back to the 1700's.) to do them.The mill was definitely the perfect place to do anything historical and just so happened to be down the street from our neighborhood. Plus, it was a great time for Luis to practice using his new camera lens that he bought. For this set, I am impersonating my semi-ficticious character that I play during Rev. War Reenactments, named Martha Z. Carter; British Loyalist and seamstress. 

Finished Regency Reticule Bag

It took me at least a week, but it's finally finished! Yay! Originally, I wanted to have this ready for the Riversdale Sunday picnic, but sadly I didn't finish it in time. Regardless, I really love the finished result, and cannot wait to show it off at the Battle of Leonard's Creek next weekend.  If you're interested in making this beautiful reticule bag, here is the link on Ravelry . 

Regency Open Gown Curtain-a-long 2.0

It all started with the curtain-along, 9 yards of Waverly fabric, 24 hours, and a crazy idea that I had no idea would work. I wanted to make an open robe gown for an upcoming reenactment that involved the war of 1812, and given the pattern that I had ( a basic 1809 day dress)  I knew that I would have to make some adjustments in the front in order for it to work. It took me at least 3 tries, but I did it. With that being said, the robe does looks a bit snug on the mannequin but given my anatomy, it may work out just fine. :D  Next, is pleating and attaching the train to the back of the robe, finish sewing the arm holes, and then voila!

Sunday Regency Picnic

Went to Riversdale Mansion Museum on Sunday for our regency picnic and tour. It was definitely the best day to be out and about. I got the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and reunite with friends I've met at a previous event The outside temperature was perfect (not too hot, but sunny); overall, it was fun and pleasant experience.  cheers! Fresh strawberries still on the vine The Strawberry field Picnic outside the garden The tour began in the foyer of the mansion and led into the salon. I have been there twice before, last year so I knew what to expect. However, I was still in awe about the beauty of the room and a few new surprises that popped up this spring.  The green paint is a reproduction of the original. I love the color and want to find fabric that matches.  Detail of the crowning and molding Detailing of the crowning The