Sunday Regency Picnic

Went to Riversdale Mansion Museum on Sunday for our regency picnic and tour. It was definitely the best day to be out and about. I got the opportunity to meet a lot of new people and reunite with friends I've met at a previous event The outside temperature was perfect (not too hot, but sunny); overall, it was fun and pleasant experience. 


Fresh strawberries still on the vine

The Strawberry field
Picnic outside the garden

The tour began in the foyer of the mansion and led into the salon. I have been there twice before, last year so I knew what to expect. However, I was still in awe about the beauty of the room and a few new surprises that popped up this spring. 

The green paint is a reproduction of the original. I love the color and want to find fabric that matches. 

Detail of the crowning and molding

Detailing of the crowning

The items on the table were children's doll clothes, knitted wool socks, and a book. 

Actual teacups from Mrs. Calvert. If i could find china like that in that exact color, that would be awesome. 

All of the foods were hand-grown and handmade right there in the kitchen. 

This gentleman proposed to his beloved, the day before. But for photography purposes, I requested that he'd do it again. 

She said "yes" :) 

Congrats to the new couple 

Our shoe circle picture is getting bigger

That's all for now. Next event, is Battle of St. Leonard's Creek.


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