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Snow-accolypse sewing 1

Since being stuck in the house this weekend due to Blizzard Jonas, I have decided to take up some sewing. That way it would help me tackle cabin fever, as well as finishing up UFO's (Un-Finished Objects) and start some new ones. At least 2 feet of snow outside!  So far, I have finished up my gown for the Francaise Dinner in March, by re-purposing my Waverly gown (again) and added a stomacher and longer sleeve flounces as well as trim. This transformation took me about a day and a half (started Friday evening into Saturday night).  What it looks like before the extra trim is added to the bodice After this, I'm probably going to get started on my Civil War day dress or maybe some knitting. So many choices and plenty of time.  Stay tuned, and stay warm! 

1812 Midwinter House Party

This past weekend, was absolutely amazing! On saturday, my husband and I joined several of our reenacting friends for a Regency house party hosted by the Bartgis-Knight house. The event was very low key, but the ambiance was a bit on the romantic side and perfect for what was being portrayed (early 19th century games, dinner by candle-light, etc.) In addition to that, this was also my husband's first time at an event, and in kit (thanks to my good friends Lawrence and Katie Bopp for lending him the clothes), so the experience was not only new to him, but it was new to me (my reaction was priceless). He looked like Mr. Bingley from the BBC Pride & Prejudice. After dinner, there were tons of games and other fun activities. For example, I versed my husband in a game of Farro (and lost) and chatted away with friends we haven't seen since June. As the party reached 10pm and was coming to a close, the hosts of the party (along with Jon, myself, and the housemates of t

Victorian Bustle Pad

Prior to the Holiday tea last weekend, I needed something to replace the bustle pad and lobster tail bustle I made 2 years ago. While both enhancements were fun to make, they really didn't do the job of hiking up the back of my gown. So I went online and found a much better replacement. Here is the link to make your own Victorian bustle pad. What I used to make mine, was at least a yard of white "Cotton Brand" muslin I got from JoAnn Fabrics for $3.99 (I really loved the linen like quality)  believe it or not, the cotton snow that was on clearance (it's basically pillow stuffing)  White binding tape I didn't have any lace to trim the bustle with, but I was very happy with how it turned out. I also tried something a little different when wearing the bustle. I got the idea from American Duchess, but I decided to add the puffer   over top of the underskirt and bustle pad to smoothen everything out and give it more "oomph". As soon as I put

2016 Holiday Tea

To start off the new year, my friends and I toasted in the New Year at the Tea on the Tiber in Ellicott City, Maryland. It's a very cute and quaint little tea shop that looks like it came out of the Victorian era. The theme for our High Tea was anything between (1830-1920).  The spread here was absolutely breath-taking. On the left side, there was Dairy-free, in the middle there was regular  sandwiches/cakes, and on the right was Gluten-free (which I was very happy that they could accommodate). Best White Orchard tea I've ever had Definitely a great way to start off the new year. 

2015: My Year in Review

!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! My! 2015 certainly has been an interesting year. Looking back, I'm very happy to have experienced a lot of things that were definitely "once in a blue moon" or "once in a lifetime" thing for me. For example, being able to see and board the famous reproduction of the L'Hermione. Something I'm sure I'll never get to experience again (but hope to again one day). I've also made new things I've never tried before, which I thought was really enlightening. With that being said, here is my year in review (there's definitely a lot more on the list, but I decided to contain it to just 15). 2015 Favorites HSM Challenge #1: Foundations  Katsucon 2015  Treaty of Ghent Frolic Tea Party Treaty of Ghent Frolic Colonial Market Faire (My first Exhibit) Part I & II Battle of Mount Vernon Reenactment 2015 The Myth of Perfection Challenge HSM Challenge #4: War & Peace L'Hermione comes to Baltimore L