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Victorian Photoshoot at the National Portrait Gallery

Hey Everyone, finally got some of the photos back from the one of the very talented photographers from the photoshoot. I'm still waiting for more pictures to come through from other photographers, but as they say "best things come to those who wait."   While there's not really much left for me to say that I haven't already said in the previous entry, without further wait, here's the rest of the photos. If you are interested in working with these talented photographers, I will post their contact information down below.  Photos by Dan Arango Photography -------           In The Long Run Designs  ------- Photos by Jason Schneider  --------- Credits & Contacts: Dan Arango Photography  Instagram: @arangodan Facebook: In The Long Run Designs inthelongrundesigns longrundesigns

18th century half-boned stays

Six years ago, I made my first pair of stays and wore them to every 18th century event I've participated in. Overtime it was starting to become very evident that there was some wear and tear and in some serious need for adjustments. For example, bones were sliding out of their channels and jabbing me in sensitive areas, the stays tabs never really sat on my hips but above them and I had to keep adjusting the stays, and the size of the stays were bigger than how they're supposed to fit and needed to be taken in a few inches...Needless to say, it was just finally time to hang them up and make a new pair.  My 1st pair of stays Yes, I should be wearing an under-petticoat and neckerchief for modesty, but I wanted to show you the outcome of what it looked like once it was finished.  Unlike my first pair of stays from J.P.Ryan, I wanted this pair to have straps and to be half-boned stays. I opted to try out the new American Duchess pattern... I was not disappo