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Revolutionary War Weekend Report

Sunday, I participated in my 3rd Revolutionary War Weekend at Historic London Town and Gardens in Edgewater, Maryland.  Each year that I have attended RWW, I always find myself pleased with how the historic site just comes alive with both reenactors and visitors, as we recreate the events of LT receiving word of the United State's independence in July of 1776; this is mainly because of the museum's improvements to expand this particular program. They think up new ways to best engage the visitors by demonstrating public life in the small town and the effects that the war had on individuals that lived and worked there.  So, with that said, here's my question of the day: How did the American Revolution affect small towns? How did it affect merchants, sailors, slaves, families and local government? What about religion?  While the reenactment itself was loosely 3rd person, we were free to do 1st person impressions as well. I reprised my role as Charlotte Carte