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Partying it up Victorian Gothic Style

Celebrated my friend Taylor's birthday this past Saturday at the Historic Edgewood Plantation Bed & Breakfast in Virginia. The theme was Victorian Gothic, in which we'd all wear full or half mourning gowns from 1800-1910.  When I did my  last post , I mentioned that my gown is a composite of both 1875-1885 styles. I'm really glad that I decided to just have fun with creating it and going over the top in decorating with lace and pleated trims.  Ironically the night before the party, I received a phone call from a relative saying that my uncle had died. Naturally I would have stayed home to mourn but given that I had put blood, sweat and tears into this gown in preparation for Taylor's party, I opted to just go on and have a good time (I won't lie, there were some moments where I did fight back some tears-but that's what the veil's for).  Anyway, I took a lot of photos of the event and for the sake of not going picture heavy on this site, I crea

Late 1870's Mourning Gown "aka" The Black Hole

Just recently I was invited to my friend Taylor's birthday party in mid-June. The party is held at a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast in southern Virginia called Endview Plantation: the theme being Victorian gothic. With that being said it was time for me to get in touch with my inner goth, and pull out all of the black 19th century outfits I had in my costume closet. However of the 2 outfits I have, I ran into some trouble deciding on what to wear: a black calico print 1860's gown from Lincoln's Lady, and an 1812 full mourning gown; also while it's not an outfit (yet), I have a late 1870's black skirt. So, being the glutton for punishment as I am, I opted to just focus that skirt and build from it; making a proper late Victorian mourning gown.  Now, here's the thing...What style did I want to go with? Looking through pinterest, I saw so many options! It was overwhelming to a point where I really didn't know where to start. So my solution was to just pul