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British Invasion at Monticello 2016

In June of 1781, there was an invasion! Not just any invasion, but a home invasion at the most mountainous residences in the colonies…Monticello! With Thomas Jefferson (Governor at the time) being the pinnacle of what made the United States finally tell England to bugger off (he did draft the Declaration of Independence after-all), he was bound to have some enemies come after him. Those enemies being Col. Tarleton's Green Dragoons. As soon as TJ heard from Jack Jouett (Virginia's version of Paul Revere), that danger was on the way, he grabbed his family and high-tailed it out of there to Popular Forest, only leaving a select few of the Hemings family behind (Martin and Robert) to fend off the house, but without showing any hostility.  That being said, this was the very first reenactment Monticello ever had celebrating that event! Now where do Stephanie and I fit into this, we came in costume and joined the 7th Virginia Regiment (Thank you Laurel), and then looked around

Colonial Market Fair 2016

My goodness I'm so far behind on my blog updates. Since the Market Fair at the Banneker Museum last weekend, I have been constantly on the road to other events. More on that very soon. While I did not take a lot of pictures this year, I did get the opportunity to network with a lot of people and talk about 18th century women's clothing. Even better, my friend Stephanie got to participate in doing a cooking demo this year (sadly I did not grab a photo of her). There were definitely a lot of changes this year. More performers, and more space! They even created an 18th century pen to put livestock in for everyone to interact with (sheep, chickens, pigs, ducks, goats). Next year, I will hopefully be doing two things: acting, and having a table set up with new items. Me with Benjamin Banneker