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Halloween Double Feature: Attack of the Silk Titans

Hey everybody! It's that special time again! A time where the seasons change from a God-awful hot and humid summer on the Eastern Seaboard, to a beautiful but biting cold Autumn.  BUT!  🎃 Halloween is also next week! 🎃 While on the topic of making a new gown for the season, Surprise! I have a special treat for you! I will actually be making two at the same time. My own silk taffeta ensemble, and a round gown that was commissioned by a client to be made also out of silk taffeta. So, given time constraints, it's time to really put my work to the test and use what I've learned back at Margaret Hunter's shop. So buckle up everyone, you're in for a double feature!  brownie points if you know where this image is from :) Feature 1: Return of the Silken Round Gown Had a customer come to me a few weeks ago, inquiring about a taffeta round gown. Given the similarities between the structure of a round gown and an English open gown, I figured it

Journey To Judge: Ona Judge's Freedom on the Horizon

Hey everyone, sorry it's taken so long to update. I have so much to tell you about what happened on the debut of the program. Upstairs of the Brown House Tavern                  Saturday evening, September 1st, was the opening night of my program, "Freedom on the Horizon"   at the Historic London Town Museum, in Edgewater Maryland. When I arrived, there was another scheduled program going on for their daytime program, called "Uncertain Freedom" . It was phenomenally performed by the "Sons & Daughters of Ham" where they gave the visitors of the museum an inside look of the African-American experience during the tough times of the Civil War and the Emancipation. It was truly a moving and deep program.    After catching up with the Sons & Daughters of Ham, I went to the Brown House Tavern to get dressed in my 1790's gown and wait for Mr. Hosea, who portrayed Captain John Bowles for the program. We rehearsed a few times jus