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Center of Education Reform: Why America?

Earlier this month, I had the honor of performing for the Center For Education Reform at the George Washington University Jack Morton Auditorium. TCFER is a foundation based in Washington DC whose mission is to "expand educational opportunities" for students all over the nation. The program in which I participated in was called "Why America". This program is an interactive field trip in which students and teachers use resources in and around the Nation's Capital and is broken down into 5 categories  The Constitution & Its Origins  Hamilton's Vision  The Father Of Our Country & Presidency  Women Abolition & Suffrage Movements In The President's Neighborhood   Military Memorial & Flag Days "The Father of Our Country & Presidency", spotlights the executive branch of government and why Congress made the imperative decision to elect George Washington as 1st President; why was he the perfect candidate to lead the new

Strapless Fully-Boned Stays 2.0

Like with any women's undergarment, there's always wear and tear and the occasional body fluxuations that make you want groan but have to bite the bullet and make a new pair or shopping for a new set. The corset and stays are no exception. After remaking my first pair of fully boned stays 2016 and a pair of half-boned in 2019, it was time for me to make a 3rd pair (this time switching back to the full-boned). Using my favorite pattern from J.P. Ryan, I made this new pair of stays out of cotton tweed fabric. I also elongated the front and sides of the stays by 3 inches, as the original pattern I used to make my first pair of fully-boned stays were a bit too short for my torso. Compared to my last two pairs of stays, where I used metal boning (which definitely retained a lot of heat) and zipties (flexible, but not enough rigidity), this was the very first time I used reed canes for boning. I was a bit hesitant to use them at first, as the bones were so lightweigh