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1785 Green Pierrot Jacket

Over the past few months I've always wanted to make a pierrot jacket...actually scratch that! I've always wanted to make a proper zone front. The past few attempts I've had to make a zone front, mostly resulted in me just sticking trim overtop of my gowns to mimic one. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was; but then overtime I came to realize "where's the challenge? You're not really making a zone front by decorating the front like that. Gotta actually get in there, and do it." To quote Miss Frizzle, "It's time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy." So with that in mind, I pulled out some inspirations via Kyoto Fashion Book, Pinterest, 18th century fashion plates, and online tutorials and got to work.  Shameless plugging here, but my stockings and shoes are from American Duchess . I've had these shoes since 2013 and never once needed to get them replaced (especially with all the battle reenactment events a

Commission Project: Steampunk Vest & Skirt

Last week I was asked by my good friend Heather, to make her an outfit for her steampunk themed vending booth for an upcoming anime convention. She didn't want anything elaborate and complicated such as a floor length Victorian walking gown or anything flashy like a heavily cogged bodice.  SO MANY COGS! However, the request for something practical and comfortable seemed to come to mind. Also, everything would be due on Friday! I started this on Sunday.  So after our trip to JoAnn Fabrics, we grabbed patterns from the Simplicity line. A vest from Simplicity 8023 and an A-line skirt from 1369.  While making the skirt, I was immediately faced with a few tiny challenges: installing pockets into the front of the skirt, and installing the waistband with elastic (when the pattern does not call for it). I had to do a lot of trial and error in order to get the skirt to look right; otherwise it was pretty easy to knock out in two days.  The vest's constru

Call To Arms: Mount Vernon Revolutionary Weekend

This past weekend was the battle reenactment at George Washington's Mount Vernon; where the Continental Army with the aid of Spanish forces, squared up against the British and Hessian forces. With the weather surprisingly on our side this year, the event turned out to be a very successful and educational experience for all. Working on the numbers This year I debuted my newest impression Mrs. Charlotte Carter, a wife of a merchant who operates a local trading company in Alexandria. With supplies dwindling, the British Brigade had contracted us out to replenish their food and uniform rations. Originally, my husband Jonathan was supposed to accompany me with this impression (in an attempt to break him into the wonderful world of reenacting), but had actual military duties this weekend and couldn't make it (the life of an NCO is never dull, I tell you!).  However, what I've learned through my research and from the scenario my Lieutenant and I did for this new i