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1830's Lapis Lazuli Gown

While  I'm a few years behind the Gigot craze that rocked costuming community back in 2019, I finally managed to make an 1830's day gown of my own. Everything about the gigantic sleeves, the bell-shaped skirts, and the ornate hairstyles, lured me to this awkward and fascinating era of fashion - I'm all about it!  Materials:  7 yards of printed cotton fabric  2 yards of tulle (for sleeve enhancers)* 3 yards of scrap fabric (for sleeve enhancers)* 3 yards of muslin to line the bodice (the pattern calls for 7 to line the entire gown, but that can be left entirely up to the wearer in my opinion) 2 packs of piping trim corset bones to stabilize the front and back of bodice  Small Hook & Eye closures  Pattern-TV455 from Truly Victorian  After preparing the pattern and cutting out the fabric, it was pretty easy to put the mockup together for the bodice. However, I failed to realize that the bodice actually closes up in the back rather than

1900’s Blue Bell Cotton Shirtwaist

Over the Summer, I faced a medical emergency which resulted in a week-long “staycation''. While in isolation, I opted to do some stash-busting. The project started off with a simple plaid Edwardian skirt, made from a recycled cotton 1830’s gown I made in the Spring. I was very pleased with the finished result, but realized that it needed something more elegant than the blouse I made two years prior. While you can never have too many shirtwaists, I really wanted one that was best suited for this future ensemble.                                      Using the Edwardian Blouse instructions from Black Snail Patterns , I opted for vers.1 -- but with some modifications. Instead of cutting out the neckline as directed for the insertion lace (for the upper portion of the blouse’s neckline and collar) I left the pattern as is. I also pin-tucked the collar for the sake of ornamental aesthetics…which led to more pin-tucks and pleats around the sleeve cuffs.                              

2022 Military Through The Ages (Mini-Review)

 I've often heard that history is bound to repeat itself; in terms of reenacting, that's always true. Specifics from military tactics, clothing, tools, food, etc. are all replicated and studied for the sole purpose of education and interpretation.   Back in March, I attended my very first "Military Through The Ages" located at the Historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. This 2- day event spotlights military encampments and tacticles from the present year 2022, to dates as far back as 1300 BCE.  While I was not part of the massive living history event, I did dress out for the occasion... by making a vintage dress in one night.  Simplicity S9291 aka Patterns by Gertie  There was so much to see on the grounds, that the weekend truly wasn't enough to cover everything. So of what I could get on camera, here are some of my favorite moments and displays. Really loving this spread Cracking jokes with Officer Cauldwell A WWII encampment (one of many) Jamestown's sol