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Colonial Williamsburg Internship: Prelude day 3

Sunday, I spent the entire day with my good friend Mr. Cohen. Still playing tourist, we got to see the new exhibits at the Dewitt Wallace Museum including the brand new Textiles exhibit. I was very enamored with this exhibit because not only does it have to do with my internship, but it also intrigued me to want to replicate some of the gowns and jackets.  Later, we went to a program involving the Reverend Pamphlet, Robert Carter and President George Washington. It was a pretty good because each person gave their perspective on Religion and of course the issue of Slavery and how it not only affects them personally (as they themselves, except for Gowen Pamphlet were slave holders).   Afterwards, we went to see the historic trades such as the wig maker's shop and the Tailors and introduced me to many of his friends who worked there. They were very nice and incredibly helpful with putting me at ease about the first day of my internship. The jitters were real (lol).  Th

Colonial Williamsburg Internship: Prelude day 2

On Saturday morning my family and I went back to the historic area and took some pictures as well as meet up with friends, family, and most importantly meet my new teachers for the next two months. I can honestly say I am a bit anxious about my first day coming up. What lessons would I learn the first day? What books would I be assigned to read? And What sewing projects would I work on while I'm here?  A wonderful trio!  My favorite place in CW

Colonial Williamsburg Internship: Prelude Day 1

Today marks the first day (well the prelude, really) of an incredible journey. I start my internship this week at Colonial Williamsburg. With only 4 days till my initial start date, I decided to travel down early with my mother and aunt down to Williamsburg to get me settled in at the place I'm staying. . . my goodness, the drive down was intense!!! Nothing but constant rain and bumper to bumper traffic all the way down both I-95 and I-64. From what was supposed to be a 3 hour drive, it turned into 5 hours. Lots of show tunes and pit stops to stretch our legs and switch drivers. When we finally reached our destination, and introduced my folks to my cousin (which btw, I really want to thank her for letting me stay with her for the duration of my internship). After setting up my bedroom we decided to venture out to find dinner. My cousin suggested a place that was close to "home" called Food for Thought . I've never been there before, considering that most of the pl