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A little sewing on the side

About last May, I was asked by one of the committee members of the Benjamin Banneker Museum in Ellicott City, to upgrade their volunteer's colonial costumes. I was hesitant at first, because I didn't know how many people were volunteering, how many had their own costumes, and if it was in their budget to provide all of the materials that I would need to make clothes for women, men, and children. I'm still a bit hesitant with doing the task all by my lonesome, but it's certainly not going to stop me from trying. I came up with a list of the basic clothes that people back then in rural colonial Ellicott Mills (as it was called back then) and got to work on how many I would need to make. Chemises bum rolls neckerchiefs petticoats bodices waistcoats bed jackets As for making the breeches and waistcoats, It's a first for me so if anything, I'd do a few mock ups before I give them over to the museum.

Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #1: Foundations

Alright! My first Project of the year!  Here's just a little bit of info on my finished work for the challenge. I also incorporated this into what I was working on last year and didn't finish until now aka, a UFO (un-finished object).  Fabric: Duck Canvas, linen fabric (for the lining) Pattern:  J.P. Ryan's Strapless Stays Year: 18th century Notions : metal rivots, binding tape, corset string, metal boning How historically accurate is it? I'd say it's pretty spot on, with the exception of the metal rivets in the back. The pattern is historically accurate, and is used by a lot of reenactors and costumers, and the print of the fabric is accurate since I managed to get my hands on it at the Colonial Market Fair last year. Hours to complete: It took me several months to complete. I started on it back in May of 2014, and while I had other projects to do, I put it down, and pick it up again whenever I'd come across it aga

Year 2014 In Review

When I first started sewing in 2014, I was only making small projects that were such as pillow cases, and baby things, but as I took on the challenges to start making historical costumes, the projects were few and far in between, mostly due to finances and my work schedule. But with what I could muster up, I have to say that I was pretty proud of what I could do for the first time.  1770's Formal Robe L'anglaise Regency Reticule Regency Bonnet Chemisette 1871 Victorian Bustle skirt Magenta & Orange fingerless mitts (not posted) Steampunk jewelry (not posted) Outlander Cowl (not posted) Now that I'm looking forward to my 2015's projects, I have accrued a short list (so far) and will be working on them very soon. Elsa's ice dress from Disney's Frozen Historical Fortnightly January Challenge: Foundations  My Husband's 18th Century waistcoat (need to finish) Doctor Who Scarf (It's going to take 4 months)  Husband's 1812 n


2014 is finally over, and 2015 is is here! I have LOTS of fun things planned for this new year and can't wait to get started. My first project of this year is Elsa from Disney's Frozen.  I already bought the unique fabric for her skirt which was a great find, considering how hard it is to find fabric like this that equally matches the skirt texture in the film.  Etsy! There are other types of fabric that I will need (fabric for the bodice, the cape, and the undershirt) but I'll have some time.