Historical Sew Monthly Challenge #1: Foundations

Alright! My first Project of the year! 

Here's just a little bit of info on my finished work for the challenge. I also incorporated this into what I was working on last year and didn't finish until now aka, a UFO (un-finished object). 

Fabric: Duck Canvas, linen fabric (for the lining)

Pattern: J.P. Ryan's Strapless Stays

Year: 18th century

Notions: metal rivots, binding tape, corset string, metal boning

How historically accurate is it? I'd say it's pretty spot on, with the exception of the metal rivets in the back. The pattern is historically accurate, and is used by a lot of reenactors and costumers, and the print of the fabric is accurate since I managed to get my hands on it at the Colonial Market Fair last year.

Hours to complete: It took me several months to complete. I started on it back in May of 2014, and while I had other projects to do, I put it down, and pick it up again whenever I'd come across it again. 

First worn: Haven't worn it yet. But I plan to

Total cost: $40.00

I plan on making a second one sometime in the near future. This time to elongate the pattern and the fabric, to fit my torso a little better, and maybe add some straps. Otherwise, I am very excited and proud of this 9 month old project :D


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