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1780's Dusty Rose Zone Front Gown

Two weeks ago, my husband and I were cleaning out our storage unit when I came across this really neat pink polished cotton fabric just laying in my old computer bags; funnily enough, I recalled having this fabric in my possession since I was in middle school in 1999! The fact that it was still in perfect condition was astounding! Immediately it reminded me of one of those gowns from the 18th century fashion plates and deep down, I've always wanted to replicate one of them to a tea. I started looking at all of the pink zone front gowns I could find on Pinterest. To my surprise, I noticed there were a lot of the same zone front gown styles in the same color.  If only I had 2 extra yards I would have made a matching petticoat, but eh... White's just as pretty. Using my favorite and only gown pattern (J.P.Ryan), I got the basic shell of the gown constructed and instead of using muslin, I used some leftover pink linen to line the inside of the gown. I al