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Battle of Red Bank Reenactment

How to describe today's events: The Battle of Red Bank happened sometime around October of 1777, where the Hessians attempted to take over Fort Mercer (a fort on the left bank of the Delaware River), but were defeated by the local colonial residents of New Jersey. 2015's commemoration started with me waking up at 4am to get ready for my ride that would arrive at 6:30 am. The hardest part of course was only having 3 hours of sleep after coming home at 1:00 am from an evening wedding. After my ride arrived, my Artillery Lt. and I headed straight for New Jersey. It literally took us 2 hours with no sign of any cars or traffic. We made great time, and even got to see the sun rise. The one thing that took me by surprise was how cold it was. I was expecting it to be a bit chillier than normal considering we were by the Delaware River, but I wasn't expecting winter weather so soon. It was a frigid 45 degrees with a 5 degree increase and 20mph windchill. It was so c