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Diversify Our Narratives Conference

On September 5th, I participated in a very unique and groundbreaking workshop at Historic London Town & Gardens called, Decolonizing Our Museums: Perspectives on Diversifying Our Narratives . This was presented by the Four Rivers Education Committee of Annapolis, MD. The workshop's goal was to initially address the issues most living history museums face in not having the proper resources and information needed to better interpret the histories of people of color and other marginalized groups that are often overlooked or sugar-coated.  With a wonderful team on the panel, we each gave our perspectives based on our knowledge of each subject, our lifestyle, and our experiences inside and outside the museums' atmosphere: Indigenous Peoples of maryland's from the perspective of Crystal Nkechehosi Proctor, Asian history and interpretation in 18th century America from the perspective of Daniel Sieh, African-American Interpretation in Public History from my perspective, an