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Journey to Judge: Researching Ona Judge

Lately, I have been doing some research and development for a program I am going to be in this fall: I will be portraying Ona Judge, the enslaved girl who successfully ran away from George and Martha Washington in 1796.  Mount Vernon The actual runaway advert. in the paper Here's a little bit of a background on Ona Judge. Ona was born on June 1773 at Mount Vernon, Virginia to Betty (an enslaved seamstress to Martha Washington), and Andrew Judge (a welsh Indentured servant and tailor to George Washington). When Ona was old enough to start her duties she was appointed as Martha Washington's personal maid and traveled with her during her years as the 1st Lady to the north such as New York and Philadelphia. However since Philadelphia was more progressive and even had a law that stated that any enslaved person in bondage under 6 months were immediately manumitted. The Washington's were afraid of losing their slaves to this law and would send Ona and the other

Movie Review: Tulip Fever

Last night, a friend of mine highly suggested that I watch this movie on Netflix called Tulip Fever . While the book with the same title was in stores long before the movie came out, I wanted to watch the movie when it came out in theaters back in '15; I had simply forgotten about it when other movies grabbed my attention. So I figured why not, let's see what this movie is about and how it holds up. ...I was not disappointed.  I haven't done a movie review in ages, but I felt that this movie definitely deserved to be talked about. Tulip Fever takes place in 17th century Amsterdam during the tulip boom that had the country putting serious investments and spending a fortune on exotic Tulips that came from the East; the most rare being a white tulip with a red stripe called a "breaker", was the most coveted and most expensive; On the other side of the spectrum, a young woman marries a well-to-do merchant and they have a portrait painted them by a painter. Im