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December projects

I hope everyone's had a great holiday!  This whole month of December has been super busy for me, which would explain my month absence. In between working 2 jobs and going to school, I somehow found some time to make at least 3 colonial outfits as well as a new wool cape and a matching muff cover. To speed up what I've done these projects, I'll give you the short version.  Red Trailing Vines Caraco Jacket For my birthday, I bought the Williamsburg collection fabric (Red flowers) with the intent on using it to make my first long caraco jacket. Thankfully I had more than enough to not only make it, but also had a yard left for selvage or for future projects. I used the J.P. Ryan Anglaise pattern and instead of making the skirt floor/ankle length, I stopped it to my knees. At first, I thought about adding trim to give it an elegant finish, but realized that 90% of my gowns and jackets either have ruched or box-pleats or knife-pleats on them. So, ultimately I deci