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2019 Winter Civilian Immersion Day

Hey Everyone 😀 Just got back from completing another successful Winter Immersion Day at Historic London Town & Gardens . It was a very frigid Saturday (low in the 30's and dropping, to the point where you could see your breath the majority of the time). I mostly stayed as close to the fireplace between the Ferguson's Tailor Shop and the Brown House as much as possible. "Maria Boston" looking out for the Ferry  We kicked off at 10AM when the museum opened.  This year, I portrayed Maria Boston: A woman formerly enslaved by the Sprigg family of the South River area in Annapolis, MD. According to the lawsuit, Maria and 23 of her family members sued their master for unlawful enslavement, since their Grandmother was identified as a "Hispaniola woman" from Portugal. According to Maryland law at that time, no person(s) of non-African descent were to be enslaved....Can you imagine that? Only one race and their descendents were by law to be the only ones

1770's Quilted Brunswick

Back in November, I took a trip to Colonial Williamsburg. While looking around in one of my favorite shops (RIP Mary Dickinson), I came across this gorgeous quilted brunswick. It was simple in design and had a sacque back which made it even cuter. The price however, was not at all cute. After taking pictures of my extant, I got to work on making a replica as soon as I got home. Photographs taken by my brother (and up and coming photographer) Watching the snowfall from above, was really an ethereal and peaceful sight  Absolutely breathtaking  Can someone say Winter wonderland? Looking at extants, the brunswick was one of the more comfier and warmer variants of outerwear; it was also part of informal wear. It was closer to the body which provided more insulation and was a little more fashionable than the cloak/cape. Plus, the Brunswick also came in different styles. Fabric wise, it was either made out of silk or wool and was often lined