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Dressing Warm For The Era: Yellow Wool Capelet

This year so far, Maryland has experienced a very short and mild winter. With Spring arriving quickly, it's getting close to the point where I'll have to put away my winter wear. With that being said, I never really got the opportunity to really take some good photos of the new wool capelet that I made in January. This capelet is perfect for any time period  Initially this capelet was a result of a de-stashing project. I had 1.5 yard of left-over wool fabric that I wasn't planning to do anything with, and instead of donating it to GoodWill or selling it, I decided to make a winter capelet based off of a couple of 18th century examples I found on pinterest. Now, what made this project most interesting was that while many of the wool caplets and silk mantelets I have seen were hooded and were lined with fur, there were a few that surprisingly did not require such.       This was a fairly easy project to do. I laid out some leftover Waverly fabric I had de