Fichu construction & Tutorial

First bit of progress done

With only 5 days left until the battle reenactment at Mount Vernon, I realized I didn't have anything to work on for a demo for my seamstress impression. Then it hit me: why not a fichu/neckerchief? It would be really easy and quick to sew, and I wouldn't have to keep track of all the pattern pieces (considering it's only a giant triangle).

That in mind, I got right down to it and started cutting the fabric out of 100% cotton striped remnant I picked up from Burnley & Trowbridge this past weekend. While I could have sewn this up in a heartbeat with the sewing machine, I opted to be more traditional and sew it all by hand; I wanted this piece to be historically accurate for educational purposes (since sewing machines weren't invented until the late 1800's).

I won't have this project finished until Sunday for demonstration purposes, but I can't wait to have it completely finished.

If you'd like to make your own, I have a little tutorial on the bottom.


  • You will need about about a yard of cotton fabric; if you prefer you can use muslin, batiste, or voile (which is ideal for hot and muggy summers.) 

  • Next, measure everything out. Each side of the triangle should measure 42 x 38 x 38inches. 

  • Finally, just hem all the edges. I decided to do a rolled hem to avoid any fraying, and sewed what was pinned down by using the blind hem stitch method

  • BONUS: If you want your fichu to be fancy, pull out your embroidery needle and get creative! 


  1. Literally all I've been looking for for an hour is how to cut a fichu from fabric and this is literally the only place with it laid out and simplified so thank you!


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