Ft. Frederick's Colonial Market Fair 2016

This year's market fair was once again a success. My friend Stephanie and I traveled up to meet with our Artillery unit around 9am and did all of the shopping until our feet gave out (or we ran out of money). Sadly I don't have any photos to post, but I've decided to try something a little different. The highlights and Cons.

High Lights: 

  • There was definitely a huge turn-out at the fair this year in both vendors and attendees. I attended this fair for almost 4 years, and since then, I'm noticing an increase which is not only good for the vendors but also great for the park's exposure.

  • Got to see a lot of friends and meet new ones. 


  • The weather….I swear, when it comes to Maryland's weather it's always unpredictable (in spite of what the forecast says). I remember last year when I went up, and while it was nice and warm and sunny where I lived, as soon as I drove past Hagerstown, it snowed! Thankfully that didn't happen again this year, but it did rain….a lot. 

Well that's about it for now. Next weekend is the big battle reenactment at George Washington's Mount Vernon.  I'm seriously excited and have been in the process of sewing a few demo items as well as a new apron for myself. Stay tuned for that too. :) 


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