Year 2014 In Review

When I first started sewing in 2014, I was only making small projects that were such as pillow cases, and baby things, but as I took on the challenges to start making historical costumes, the projects were few and far in between, mostly due to finances and my work schedule. But with what I could muster up, I have to say that I was pretty proud of what I could do for the first time. 

  1. 1770's Formal Robe L'anglaise
  2. Regency Reticule
  3. Regency Bonnet
  4. Chemisette
  5. 1871 Victorian Bustle skirt
  6. Magenta & Orange fingerless mitts (not posted)
  7. Steampunk jewelry (not posted)
  8. Outlander Cowl (not posted)

Now that I'm looking forward to my 2015's projects, I have accrued a short list (so far) and will be working on them very soon.

  1. Elsa's ice dress from Disney's Frozen
  2. Historical Fortnightly January Challenge: Foundations 
  3. My Husband's 18th Century waistcoat (need to finish)
  4. Doctor Who Scarf (It's going to take 4 months) 
  5. Husband's 1812 neck stock 
  6. 18th century stays (need to finish)
  7. Knitted Red scarf (need to finish)

There will be plenty more projects, considering the Fortnightly challenges every month, but it's a great start to a new year :D 


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