2022 Military Through The Ages (Mini-Review)

 I've often heard that history is bound to repeat itself; in terms of reenacting, that's always true. Specifics from military tactics, clothing, tools, food, etc. are all replicated and studied for the sole purpose of education and interpretation.  

Back in March, I attended my very first "Military Through The Ages" located at the Historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia. This 2- day event spotlights military encampments and tacticles from the present year 2022, to dates as far back as 1300 BCE.  While I was not part of the massive living history event, I did dress out for the occasion... by making a vintage dress in one night. 

Simplicity S9291 aka Patterns by Gertie 

There was so much to see on the grounds, that the weekend truly wasn't enough to cover everything. So of what I could get on camera, here are some of my favorite moments and displays.

Really loving this spread

Cracking jokes with Officer Cauldwell

A WWII encampment (one of many)

Jamestown's soldiers? 

"Anyway, here's wonderwall"

A Medieval camp

Girls just wanna have fun 😎

The Women's Army Corps (WACS)

Nurse Magnuson in the Vietnam War Encampment 

Napoleon Bonaparte 

Saturday night was cold, but pretty fun. With the visitors all gone for the night, this was the best opportunity to hang out with several friends and take photos of nightlife in several of the camps; many of the encampments functioned with lantern light, while the more modern campsites such as WWII, and Vietnam and Desert Storm used a generator. 

Soldiers at the Vietnam War Encampment  

Vintage (and used) Pabst Blue Ribbon beer

Watched a Clint Eastwood movie on the projector with the soldiers 

In retrospect, this really was a great event and I plan to go back next year... maybe even join in on the fun as a member of the British Women's Volunteer Service ;) 


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