Upcoming Cosplay Construction: Perona from One Piece

I know this is a little early, but Anime USA 15 is coming up in the last weekend of October- which means HALLOWEEN! And just for that perfect spooky theme, I picked my favorite Gothic Lolita/Pirate, Perona the Ghost Princess.

To get started, I got all of the reference photos I could get my hands on via Internet and did some research. Such as whether or not it should be one huge piece or in just two pieces, what type of fabric would work best, etc. Eventually, I came to the decision of making it into two pieces so that way the weight of the dress won't pull down on me when I wear it. As far as what type of fabrics to use, it turned out that cotton quilting fabric was perfect.

Another thing that I had to consider, was the pattern. Initially, I don't have a pattern for this type of dress so I had to get creative. I pulled out some old corset patterns I had laying around and played around with some ideas such as adding a small skirt to the bodice itself and probably use a zipper in the back instead of the traditional corseting. As far as the larger parts of the skirt, I am still coming up with ideas and drawings to see what would be easiest.

:Below are my reference pics of her dress in detail: 

Stay tuned for more :D


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