Time Skip Perona Cosplay dress Part II

As mentioned before in my last post I'm getting started on my Perona cosplay early for Anime USA. For the dress's construction, I made the bodice out of a corset pattern, and added a zipper in the back and a large ruffle on the bottom to act as the top skirt tier for the dress.

For the next couple of tiers I had to do some brainstorming, because if I continued to sew all 4 tiers to the bodice, the weight alone would cause it to slide down. Now there is the option of sewing clear bra straps to the bodice, but at the same time they're not really something that I'm fond of. With that being said, I grabbed the next color, the orchid/lavender, and used an elastic waistband and made a skirt. This would relieve the extra gravity off of the bodice, and focus on the hips.

As I worked my way down each tier, I did have a few mishaps such as making the ruffles; with all of the fabric being seriously heavy on my little sewing machine, it would unravel and I'd have to do it all over again until I got the ruffles to stay in place.

You can hardly tell that it's in two pieces.

That's it for now. Probably later, I will have the other two final tiers sewn and installed. Then on to the fun part: Adding the trim! :D


  1. Hey hey, so I think I might want to try out making this dress, too, but I'm having trouble with how to connect the ruffles with out making the dress too heavy ... any suggestions? Also how did it come out for you? looks nice


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