Katsucon 2016: When the Fire Nation Attacked

Sorry I've been super late on my posts. Between work, getting projects done, and two new additions to my family being back to back, I haven't had time to post anything. 

Anyway, two weekends ago (Valentine's Day weekend) my husband and I went to Katsucon in Oxen Hill, MD. He went as Professor Sam Oak, and I went as Nurse Joy. 

The Nando's Peri-Peri chicken mascot joined in on the fun

We had a brilliant but very cold time there at the Gaylord. Not only did we see friends we haven't seen for a year, but we also got to run our yearly panel the Katsucon Pokemon Game Show . It was a success and was running hot with just 20 minutes of starting… until the fire alarm was pulled, and all 1k of us having to evacuate into 21 degree weather (with a wind-chill, causing it to feel like it was below 5 degrees). Next thing we all know, we're being pushed back towards the garages and other areas far away from the hotel, to make way for the series of fire trucks and EMT's that would arrive. While hotel staff supplied us with complimentary blankets, we were informed that there actually was a fire in one of the kitchens. Eventually we all got the clear to go back inside and resume our events, and with little time to spare, we picked up where we left off and everyone who stayed, loved it. Can't wait to do the panel again next year. 

In retrospect, We had a wonderful time at the convention with little drama, granted I wish it was warmer, but since this is a winter con…yeah… it's best to wear layers under your cosplay as well as your winter coat.  

Raptor kisses


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