Pink 1780's Market Hat

For a while now, I have been pining for a new hat. I already had 2 colonial straw hats (3 if you want to count the 1809 Bonnet), and plenty of cotton caps. But not a silk bonnet aka "market hat". I've seen plenty of styles and colors either online, within passing during a reenactment, or while at a market fair, which made me want one even more. They're so versatile for any impression wither lower class, upper class, or middle class. It's a great hat!

Women of all classes wore the silk bonnet

The fabric I used was pink silk taffeta I had stashed away from a previously planned project, and the pattern was from the Undressed Lady. A really easy downloadable pattern to follow and for a low price of $20 that didn't break my bank.

The only thing that I'd do differently is fix the brim of the hat. When I sewed the fabric pieces together, I folded it over just like it said in the instructions, but it still puckered and looked pretty bad. Next time, I'll just sew it together and turn it inside out and then place the brim inside. I'll also make it in black fabric (not sure if I want to go with silk or maybe something a little stiffer like "wool stuff"). 

All in all, I'm very proud of my little pink hat 


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