Katsucon 2017

Hey everybody! I just got back from Katsucon 2017 and let me tell you from my experience, this was the best convention this year!  

First off, compared to the previous weather conditions we've all faced when going to this winter convention, surprisingly the weather was unseasonably warm....like 60 degrees warm! Not that anyone complained! This opened many more opportunities to do more outdoor shots and hang-outs.  

While I didn't get the opportunity to go to any panels this weekend (was more focused on venturing around the halls, hanging out with friends and taking pictures of people in their awesome cosplay (seriously, they turned it up a notch this year), I did however assist my husband Jonathan with his 4th annual Katsucon Pokemon Game Show. The competition was intense and had everyone in the audience as well as the contestants at the edge of their seats, but finally we had a winner who surprisingly was the 4 year running Champion. She is now our Pokemon Master! As soon as she got the final answer correct, the entire panel room full of people (somewhere around 200 or more) erupted into a very loud cheer. We were SO proud of her! 

Finally, No fire alarms or evacuations this year (thank goodness). 

Here are some of the pictures below of the convention. 

Chieftess Moana from Disney's Moana

Me as Nurse Joy

Jonathan as John Constantine 

Pokemon Go IRL (lol)

Some night shots of my Black Cat cosplay


More night shots 

Jonathan and I as Professor Oak and Nurse Joy with our first ever Katsucon Pokemon Game Show "Pokemon Master"

Me with voice actress Monica Rial


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