Holiday Tea 2018

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of reprising my role as Jemima Banneker (Sister to Benjamin Banneker) for the Benjamin Banneker Museum's 2nd annual Holiday Tea. 

(Left to Right) Jemima Banneker, George Ellicott, Mary Banneker, Benjamin Banneker (Mannequin), Molly Banneker, Jacob Hall
This being my second year semi-hosting the event, to my surprise this year was a little different: I was the special guest. This is mostly because on February 2nd, I will be returning to the museum as Ona Judge to perform the histrionic that I did back in the Fall. My performance is in collaboration with the Benjamin Banneker Foundation in hopes to raise money for their annual Colonial Market Fair , which I'm also attending as Jemima B. (June 8-9, 2019). 

Anyway, with all of that said, I wanted to really get festive for this year's holiday event. The hand-sewn silk gown that I had worked on since October was ready (despite the trim still needing to be attached; I just didn't have time to throw it together) and I added a few pearls and a couple of decorative breast knots I made a few years back to compliment the gown. 

decked out and very festive! 

I arrived at the museum around 1PM to help with any last minute preparations as well as to have our staff meeting of how the event would be carried out: The attendees will get to sample three teas (Lavender, Black, Raspberry Leaf), enjoy tea snacks and sandwiches, listen to live music by a flute quartet, as well as meet and talk with Benjamin Banneker and his family & friends. There would also be a silent auction, a vendor selling beautiful handmade jewelry and a raffle. By 1:20 PM I started to greet our visitors at the door and invite them into the museum's Almanac Room. By 2PM we were at full capacity.    

 The calm before the storm
After a few hours of engaging with our visitors, it was time to say goodbye. But not before a selfie to commemorate the event. Sadly though, Benjamin Banneker himself could not attend due to scheduling complications (with getting his Almanac published and all, he had to make it to the printer's office before 4PM). But this was really a great event that I cannot wait to participate in next year. I got to meet a lot of wonderful people who attended, learn about the benefits of Lavender tea as well as sampling it, and reconnect with the cast and prepare for next year's Colonial Market Fair. 

The Ellicott Mills crew est. 1780
Jemima B, Jacob Hall, George Ellicott


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