1799 Sari Evening Gown

This is a relatively short post (mostly because I'm still sewing). Originally, I wanted to make this gown for the upcoming George Washington Birthnight Ball that's occurring next weekend at the Gadsby's Tavern in Virginia, and needed to make a 1799 era evening gown. Looking at different examples, I settled on gown that I felt would be easy to make.... 

Putting my best foot forward

I won't lie when I say that this wasn't a tough project. I felt that I might have gone just a little in over my head and won't be able to wear the gown in time for the ball (thankfully, I have a backup). Reason being, is mainly because of the materials. For starters, the fabric is one of a kind; meaning if I made any mistakes in cutting the Sari fabric, immediately the project is over. I had to be EXTRA careful. I also had to utilize an 1809 pattern from Period Impressions. This wasn't necessarily challenging; I just had to fit the 1799 look by raising the waistband a bit higher underneath the breast-line than I normally would with making a gown with an Empire waist.

Case in point: these pre-1800 evening gowns have a higher waist right at the breast-line. While the Empire waist does carry through to the mid-1820's, this the precursor. 

All-in-all my evening gown is coming together gradually, given the major challenge of doing this project; Going to try my best to take my time in sewing it (definitely when it comes to the sleeves). I may want to add a few embellishments by adding decorated trims to the neckline and waistline that would match as close as possible to the brocade on the bottom of the gown. I also want to find a nice set of brass or gold buttons for the back of the dress and to get a bandeau and shawl to match. For now, I'd say this project is 75% completed. 



ADDENDUM: I decided to just bite the bullet and sew like the wind; I finished it the night before Saturday's event! 


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