Spring Vacation Part 2: 2019 Fort Frederick Market Fair

This year's Colonial Market Fair was pretty fun! Albeit it was pretty rainy during the majority of the weekend, but that didn't stop most patrons from coming out in droves. 

Stephanie, her family, and I were at Ft. Fred mainly on Thursday to do our shopping. While there were many familiar sutlers that we'd shop annually with, compared to last years trek I noticed that there seemed to be more vendors this year followed by a lot more merchandise that was put in the forefront....I'm just glad that I did not break my budget (bringing only cash and leaving the credit card at home, was a smart idea after all-cause once the cash is down to $10, you have to stop shopping.) 

My haul from today's shopping: mirror, wooden collapsible bench (gift), shortbread (gift), gold military trim, buttons, stamp watch fob.

I got to see a lot of good friends, many of whom live in Virginia, and right here in Maryland. For a short time Stephanie and I met up with our Royal Artillery Unit who were shopping in preparation for the upcoming reenactment event at Mount Vernon. Well, that's it for now. See you at Mount Vernon!

My Lieutenant bought a collapsable bed!
Stephanie and Mallorie 

This guy has an amazing story! I met him in one of the sutler's tents and noticed that he had a peg leg (something you don't see often at reenactments). Curious, I asked him about it and if it was alright if I snapped a photo. Not only was he obliged, but he also shared with me how he uses his amputation and peg leg to interpret 18th century injuries to the school groups back west. He then pulls out 2 small musket balls from his coat pocket and asks me to hold them and compare the weight. One was definitely a lot heavier than the other-to which he then says, "now imagine something like that hitting you in the leg at more than 10 miles a minute? It will shatter your bone." Then he takes out another musket ball from his coat pocket and it's flat and melted. He says that he shot it at a tree earlier, but to again imagine the impact that this small piece of metal has on someone or something as soon as it hits its target. I think that was the most phenomenal and educational conversation I had that day.

Tested out my new riding habit which I will be converting into a Royal Artillery style uniform, by switching out the gold twist, with a wider braid. Also may get a rifleman's hat (cause hat's are cool). 


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