Sherbet Chemise La Reine

Over the Summer I was thinking about making another Chemise la Reine, but wanted another color other than white or black; since there were other documented exants of pastels and bolder colors existing in the 18th century, I went online and picked out the sunniest color I could find in 4 yards of cotton voile. 

Originally, I was going for a more sunflower/turmeric color like the portrait above, however the color I received in the mail was a lot bolder than what I initially saw online. There's a saying that fabric colors are always a little different depending on the computer monitor...they weren't joking. This fabric was a deep orange sherbert color. After that discovery, I had 2 options: to get rid of the color by using RIT color remover and re-dye it with natural turmeric, or keep it as is and and pair the gown up with other warm colors such as reds and garnets. While I'm still making decisions on what to do, I may continue to experiment a little more with other complimentary colors to accessorize the gown to make it really stand out.  


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