"The Traveler" Photoshoot at the B&O Railroad Museum

Back in October, the Ellicott City B&O Railroad Museum announced that they were going to renovate the historic red caboose (stripping and possibly gutting the entire 1930's train car from the inside out to bring it back to its former glory). With permission from the museum, my brother and I took this perfect opportunity to experiment with his camera and take some victorian themed shots before they closed the car off for the next several weeks

Though I cannot speak on my brother's behalf as his opinions are very much different than mine, I can say that experimenting with lights & shadows, subject placement and perspective (worms-eye view vs. birds-eye view) was something of a challenge; the natural lighting from inside the museum made things very dark and shadowy on camera - considering Jared does not have any lighting equipment yet other than his camera. To counteract with that, we had to move around a lot to get the right lighting; the outside shots were perfect of course since there was a perfect balance. In retrospect, I think he did a splendid job with what he was able to work with and as always, he's learning as he goes. We definitely plan to do some more exercises in the future.  

The photographer taking a break


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