Belle Movie Review

Just got back from watching the movie "Belle" by Amma Asante. Belle is based on a true story about a mixed race girl (Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay) growing up in 18th century aristocracy. While struggling with her identity as a mulatto and where she belongs in the society she was raised in, she also dealt with important things such as pushing the cessation of slavery and the transatlantic slave trade in England and their territories through her great uncle's decisions in the court regarding the Zong Case, as well as finding a husband of high status who would consider her despite her appearance.

This movie is so powerful and emotional, that a few people in the audience as well as myself, were moved to tears. I love the fact that it showed each of the character's pivotal points of what life was like for them; dealing with both the political and social struggles of what was considered right and what was considered the norm in English society during that time. A good example would be Dido and her cousin Elizabeth's pursuit for a husband.

Also, from a seamstress's standpoint I loved the costumes. They looked 100% accurate and inspired me to want to recreate two of Dido's gowns. Even the gentleman's costumes looked on point, and really gave me nothing to complain about. Well. . . except for the men wearing powdered white wigs during the court scene. They looked very cheesy.

In retrospect, I really loved this film. I've been waiting since I came across the poster last year, and my goodness, it was well worth the wait. I also love the movie because I've never seen anything like this. As far as I could do my research, she is one of a very small handful of black aristocrats in the world during that time, and you don't see that. I'm still pursuing my research of European black history, and after watching this wonderful movie, I can safely say that I can add this to my library. . . I just hope that the DVD comes out very soon. 

Also, a little tid-bit about the pink gown. :) 


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