Wedding Anniversary Bonnet

Hi Everybody! 

It's been a bit since I've last made a post, but I'll do my best to keep things updated! This past Monday, my husband and I just celebrated our wedding anniversary of 2 years, and as a gift my husband presented me with this beauty: 

 Late Georgian/Regency Straw Bonnet

I am very excited to have it be part of my kit for when I do my 1812 reenactments. The only challenge I have now, is how I am going to decorate it? What colors should I use, so it'll not only match my day dress, but also match my Spencer Jacket Pelisse I got 2 Christmas's ago? I've searched online for reference photos, and could only find this bonnet that's identical to mine. While it looks nice and simple, I'm just not loving the trim.

Not giving up, I looked for more ideas for my trim, and finally came across something that I believe works. Granted, it's not as simple as the picture above, but it somehow just looks more appealing, and fuller. In addition to that idea, I also found an 1810 fashion plate of bonnet ideas and the yellow bonnet just did it for me.

I'm planning on getting a spool of 4''inch wide ribbon today (maybe Forest Green), and then work my way from there. Maybe after I get a good idea of what it looks like afterwards, I may decide to add feathers.


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