Gadsby's Tavern Hunt Ball 2014

          Last Night, the Hunt Ball at Gadsby's Tavern went off without a hitch. My friend Stephanie and I had a great time of dancing upstairs in the main ball room; originally it was to be in the smaller parlor, but with the capacity of people exceeding more than 80, towards the second half of the ball, we had to move into the main ballroom which was perfect! 

           We also enjoyed playing a card game called Whist and dice down on the first floor. I got to meet fresh new faces, as well as attendees that I have met before at the Braddock Day Ball, and chat about history with a reporter who writes for the Alexandria Gazette. I also learned a little more about the famous "Female Stranger", and 2 other individuals who passed on at the Tavern back in the 19th century. While it was pretty cool to learn about the history, it was also very creepy. 

        By the time the ball ended, the temperature got colder and we all knew that it was time to go home. Next events I'm working towards are the Merchant's Alley this Thanksgiving weekend (where I'll be selling my handmade steampunk jewelry), the 40's Christmas Tea Party, and Katsucon15

A portrait of me and my 1812 ball gown

Stephanie in her early 1820's ball gown

The dance in full swing

There are more pictures here on Hancock photo


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