2016 Spring Break at Colonial Williamsburg

Spent 4 days at Colonial Williamsburg for Spring Break with my friend Stephanie and my husband's cousins. We had a blast! Not only did we get to see everything from colonial trades, house tours, and historical people, but we also got the opportunity to see and do things that were more behind the scenes.    

I can't wait to go back again in June, and do it all over again.

You know you're in VA when you're dressed in colonial clothes, and no one bats an eye

Mairin, Stephanie, and I with George Washington 

Enjoying the walk down D.O.G St.

Photo by the well

Meeting up with my husband's cousin who works for the CWF


3 colonial ladies

On the bridge

Not sure why, but I love taking pictures while standing near the water

Williamsburg's Angels

Perfect ending to a perfect day
My meeting with Thomas Jefferson

Me and my cousin Adam

Mairin and I attending an audience with the Marquis de Lafayette

An audience with the Marquis de Lafayette

Family Photo


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