Busy Busy Busy!

With so many 18th century events coming up in June, I had the urge to make several new things for the Summer.

  • Handmade neckerchief out of pure cotton fabric
  • Handmade/Machine sewn Cotton Batiste apron 
  • 1790's -1812 Open Robe gown out of the Waverley curtain fabric 
  • 1770's Jacket with a swallow-tail peplum, out of Waverley curtain fabric (with a matching stomacher)
  • Green stomacher out of scrap fabric I bought in Historic Ellicott City back in January
  • 2 drawstring bags (to store knitting and sewing demos during reenactments)
  • Yellow Petticoat with flounce out of pure cotton fabric 
  • Rosette to decorate my caps (Should be making a tutorial soon)

When I can, I'll post pictures of each item including the details of how I made them. But for now, gotta get back to planning out what to put on the exhibit tables for the market fair in two weeks at the Benjamin Banneker Museum! 


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