Mount Vernon: Call To Arms Battle Reenactment Event 2016

This year's reenactment went off without a hitch. The only setback we had was the weather. He were are in the middle of Spring, and the majority of us were wearing thermals underneath our costumes. On top of that, it rained on Sunday to the point where the event was at risk of being cancelled. For that reason, among other reasons, I decided not to camp out this time. 

But while the weather was fair on Saturday, my friend Stephanie and I went and helped out with the distaff and did sewing demonstrations. I saw plenty of friends I hadn't seen in months, made new ones, ventured over to "enemy territory" for a while, and got to tour Mount Vernon's main house. 

I hope that next year there will be clear skies and will be warmer than 60 degrees. I also plan to have new furniture such as chairs and a wooden folding table, so working on the sewing demos will be a bit easier, and maybe (hopefully if his work/military schedule isn't tied up) bring my husband in on the fun for his first time participating in a reenactment. 


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