2016 Mount Vernon Market Fair

When I last left off, I explained the construction of my new linen gown and its inspiration. Because the fabric was still a bit stiff, I decided to test its durability by spending a day helping out one of my favorite vendors, at the market fair at George Washington's Mount Vernon in Alexandria, Virginia. Coincidentally, I was also there celebrating my 30th birthday with my husband, who was free from his military duties that weekend, to accompany me! So that was a pretty awesome experience to say the most!

I had the opportunity to assist Ms. Kim Walters at her jewelry store K.Walters At The Sign of The Gray Horse, which was a lot of fun. We were constantly swamped with customers for several hours that it was nearly impossible to take a break (Seriously want to thank my husband for bringing me lunch). When we did have some downtime, Kim showed me all of the new additions that will be on her online Etsy store, as well as bounced off some new ideas here and there. 

Me with General George Washington

My purchases from the fair: 3 yards of CW fabric,  Amethyst earrings, " Charlotte" shoe buckles from Sign of the Gray Horse. 

Me and my cousin Brenda who portrays "Caroline" at Mount Vernon

And strike a pose! 

Washington and Franklin


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