18th Century bum pad (aka XL)

Decided to make another skirt support for my length gowns. This XL bum pad consisted of 1 yard of cotton muslin, half of a bag of poly-fiber cotton stuffing, and black tape in order to tie it around my waist.

Inspiration for the "XL" was an old drawing from a 1780's-1790's fashion plate called, "The Bum Shop". It's quite comical really; but if you look at all of the "supports" hanging on the wall, you can get the idea that there were several options women could choose from back then aside from the traditional hip rolls. 

The petticoat over the bum pad cover and the XL successfully gave me the exact shape I was looking for. And while I do have the caraco jacket on to give you the example of the finished look, I may more than likely wear it with polonaised or bustled dresses. 


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