Katsucon Preparations

So this year's Katsucon, I have decided to cosplay as characters from Marvel and DC: Black Cat and Poison Ivy. While I have cosplayed as both characters in the past, I never really properly debuted Black Cat at an anime convention. Case in point, when I went to Baltimore Comic Con dressed in the outfit, I realized I was severely lacking a lot of pieces that went with the costume (long gloves, mask) decorative fur); I'll call that moment a test run, which turned out alright. People still recognized who I was. So this year, I should be good to have all of the missing pieces put together.

Starting with the mask

After doing some research online, I learned that there were 2 kinds of masks Phylicia wore (depending on which comic artist drew her). I wasn't sure which version I wanted, so I made both of them out of craft foam and then gently heated them up over the stove and placed it on my face to mold it. Here is the video on how to make your own. 

I'll post up more progress photos as I'm working on certain pieces. But until then... Only 18 days!


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