Chintz print Housewife

About 2 weeks ago during my first few days in Colonial Williamsburg, I saw the newest issue of Trend & Tradition and was enamored by this cute little housewife (sewing kit) that was featured in one of the articles; it even came with directions on how to make your own! Needless to say, it was very popular among some of the interpreters and crafters; for example, a friend of mine who works for CW is in the process of making her second one. After she showed me her beautiful work, I immediately made up my mind and attempted to make one just for the fun of it. 

While there are some similarities between mine and the one featured in Trend & Tradition, there are some minor differences. The magazine's version has more of a triangular top, while mine is missing. (but hey, uniqueness is a good thing ­čśä)

Sewn together with backstitches, whipstitches, and TINY basting stitches

In the near future, I do plan to do a second one but perhaps make it a bit wider so it would be easier to store larger spools of thread and my embroidery scissors. 


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