Colonial Williamsburg Internship Week 4

It's been an interesting lesson this week, and surprisingly it didn't come from the Milliner shop.

What did I learn you ask? 

I've learned that during summer, Virginia's heat and humidity will get the best of you if you do not stay cool and hydrated. I learned that lesson the hard way, this week.

After days of not properly hydrating (drinking water) and only drinking teas and not being in the A/C as much as I should have been, Thursday's hot temperature took a toll on me. Even though the shop had the AC running, we had at least 20-30 bodies coming in constantly, making the shop hot. I began to feel sick and weak and overheated. Eventually I ended up going home and spend several days recovering and rehydrating. I immediately called my husband who was away on a military exercise, and was given plenty of information on what to do and what else to look for symptoms wise.

I think the lesson from this week, is to stay hydrated even if your'e not thirsty, and to always stay near the A/C on hot days.


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