2018 Goals!

Looking at the list of things I want to make this year I may have to invest in a couple of garment bags and storage boxes overtime, however to my surprise my cosplay goals are a bit on the small side. On the plus side of things I have a strong feeling that as I continue working on projects, overtime I will find new techniques and tutorials to further expand my sewing skills. So let's see what this year has in store....

18th/19th Century 

Linen Half Boned Stays - In progress

American Duchess (Simplicity) Stays

1770's Yellow Woolen Caraco Jacket- Completed

 market bag w/ blue ticking- Completed

Knitted Garters (w/ sock yarn) - Completed

Knitted Monmouth Cap - In Progress

Copper Silk Taffeta Petticoat

Red Silk Taffeta Petticoat

1770's Silk Francaise gown 

Jonathan's 18th century banyan (finally!)

Striped Blue 1812 Open Robe Gown


Wonder Woman - My variation

Stocking Anarchy bunny suit -PS&G

Angelica Schuyler-Hamilton Broadway


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