Avocado print flannel pajamas

It's finally February! Meaning ... 6 weeks of more winter and bitter cold.

 Anyway, now that I'm fully recovered from the previous project, I figured why not jump right onto the next thing on my list. Well, sort of... 

While doing some shopping at JoAnns, I came across this really cute avocado print flannel fabric that just screamed potential for a new pair of pajama pants. Not only am I compelled to do a write up of this cozy project, but heck I'll even do a small tutorial on how to make a pair of these  your yourself <3 

I have had this really quick and easy pattern in my stash for a while. I highly recommend Simplicity 8022A because not only is it easy to follow but after making your 2nd or 3rd pair of pajama pants, you won't need to use the instructions as much; trust me. Also as far as yardage is concerned, you would roughly need 2 1/2 yards maybe 3 just in case you are taller than 6 feet. For children, just 1 to 1 1/2 yard would do. 

THE GOLDEN RULE TO SEWING: Measure Twice; cut once. 

I have made this mistake a few times over the years (I still do it from time to time) but this time I was destined to not make any repeats. after folding the fabric in half short ways, I draped it to see how long it would reach my ankles, and then laid the paper pattern over top and cut out the pattern; you don't have to do it that way; if you have any other techniques that you are comfortable with, by all means go with it! Afterwards hem the ends of the pajama pants with a rolled hem, and then fold the legs in half and sew up the legs to where the end of the legs met the groin. 

Next, I pinned the two together and ran a tight running stitch up the groin and the front and back. Finally, I folded the top of the pants over two times to make the waistband (You can use elastic or a ribbon to make a drawstring if you prefer). To install the elastic here's a tutorial

All in all, I really had so much fun making these and am currently making another pair (this time with foxes printed on the fabric). The only setback I had was not preshrinking the fabric beforehand. But as soon as I put the finished pajama pants in the washer/dryer, they fit just fine. 

!Happy Sewing!


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